Villa Rehto

Located just outside the hustle and bustle of the city in the heart of picturesque and relaxing nature you will find the Rehto* villa, designed in the authentic southern Lapland style. Rehto provides genuine Finnish experiences. A real wood-fired sauna, a swim in the Kemijoki River and marvelling at the Northern Lights beneath the starry skies – experience it all at Rehto with your friends.

Rehto, the unique southern Lapland villa with a floor space of 396 square metres (4262 sq. ft) is a historic wooden building built at the beginning of the 20th century. The building was renovated in 1980, but the unique features and historic ambiance of the villa has been retained.

The villa is located in the heart of nature, in the village of Oikarainen, 25 kilometres from the Rovaniemi town centre/Santa Claus Village. The villa’s location provides a fantastic opportunity to fully enjoy Finnish Lapland. The great Kemijoki River, with sand dunes, enhances the idyllic nature of the landscape.

This spacious villa can easily accommodate 10 persons and is also ideal for festivities and special occasions. The villa has two fireplaces, a utility room, and a kitchen with modern appliances and a full dinner service for 12 persons.

The Northern Lights are very visible at Rehto, because the natural location is sufficiently remote from the light pollution of the town. The private beach is also a special feature of Rehto.

*Rehto is a Lappish word that means an elongated building with many rooms.

Rehto is located in a tranquil spot on the shores of the Kemijoki River with no nearby neighbours.